Design Your Way to Health & Happiness

We all knew that beautiful living spaces and natural landscapes provide a sense of comfort, study results suggest that incorporating the two is beneficial to emotional, mental, and physical health.

We domesticate our garden plants, or hand over cash to replace them with faux look-a-likes, and then place them on the custom, wood, fireplace mantel created to look like an axed-piece-of-tree.We exchange our windows for larger ones, hell, we exchange our walls for window walls. Designers are always reinventing ways of bringing the outdoors,indoors.

These trends show no signs of slowing down; the more we venture into different interior styles, the more we fall in love with the concept- literally.

It’s printbeen suggested by studies that people feel a distinct emotional connection with nature, and that it’s as important to our well being as other social factors we use to identify ourselves,such as culture, music, or family. We’re so far removed from our natural environment that the impact of this has had devastating effects on our emotional well being.

We are one of the first few generations to be so displaced from nature, it’s possible that our instincts are on a subconscious level actually craving that connection. The over sized, framed print of  water-sculpted lines in ancient sandstone isn’t just another pretty picture, it’s also satisfying an innate, basic human need.

So bring on the natural stone sinks and join the living wall movement. It’s healing.

Placing a few natural pieces within our living spaces can allow us to reconnect to our basic human state, and these practices have been associated with increases in health. Not only do people who have participated in studies express better life satisfaction, more happiness, but anxiety levels are drastically lower.  Respectively these benefits even help with physical conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.

This is great news for those of us who are passionate about interior design and decor, even better for those who share that same passion for architecture. As building laws progress so will the revolution in utilizing our environment for function, as well as visual impact. Don’t be distracted by the large, energy-consuming, communities that are being constructed (what seems like everywhere). Green building innovations continue and are becoming more and more accessible.

Our future in green, eco-friendly design is a happier and healthier one. Who would have thought our pebble decor and branch-based end table were leading the way?






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