A Lesson in Defining Living Spaces

Walk into an open concept home and the statement of a social atmosphere is undoubtedly present, but often rooms become lost- even when there’s nowhere to hide. Separate living spaces are important, each room has its own purpose and these functions aren’t always compatible. The high energy kitchen may conflict with an area dedicated to relaxation and a comfortable entertaining area may sometimes conflict with the sophisticated dining area.

The key to establishing a home that flows well is to provide direction between spaces with different functions without interruption of  style. Visual flow makes or breaks a space. In the era of open layouts the art of separating designated living spaces has come along way.

From walls of glass blocks and portable folding screens to more modern and solid solutions for defining living spaces. Continue reading “A Lesson in Defining Living Spaces”


Design Your Way to Health & Happiness

We all knew that beautiful living spaces and natural landscapes provide a sense of comfort, study results suggest that incorporating the two is beneficial to emotional, mental, and physical health.

We domesticate our garden plants, or hand over cash to replace them with faux look-a-likes, and then place them on the custom, wood, fireplace mantel created to look like an axed-piece-of-tree.We exchange our windows for larger ones, hell, we exchange our walls for window walls. Designers are always reinventing ways of bringing the outdoors,indoors.

These trends show no signs of slowing down; the more we venture into different interior styles, the more we fall in love with the concept- literally. Continue reading “Design Your Way to Health & Happiness”